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Exploits In Word Press & Other CMS

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Exploits In Word Press & Other CMS

Word Press
To start testing your Word Press site for vulnerabilities, set up the environment first. Therefore, first, we need to install Linux on a system to pentest our Word Press site. Numerous approaches can be followed for this as it can be installed on a virtual box, PC or even an Android phone. It is remarkable here that in a real attack scenario, using Virtual Box to obtain reverse shell can become tricky due to multiple port forwarding involved. These techniques can be utilized to attack and break into Word Press based websites. Providing details on these types of attacks the aim is to raise awareness about the need for hardening and security monitoring of Word Press.

Any penetration testers wishing to pop a Word Press based site may also find some cooperative pointers in this guide . Word Press is the application behind around 20% of all websites. Its simplicity of use and open source base make it such a trendy solution. The numbers of installations keep growing; there are millions of Word Press installations. This recognition makes it a juicy target for bad guys targetting to use a compromised web server for malevolent purposes.

Content Management Systems (CMS) like Word Press ,Drupal, , Magento are extremely trendy and idyllic for editing content. However, these systems are also very vulnerable to hackers, if the security is not maintained and checked on a regular basis.

In addition to the typical installation, different plugins and themes are often installed. in particular these plugins and custom code are prone to security violations. Many people don’t know how many vulnerabilities are indirectly installed through plugins. standard installations also include errors and vulnerabilities subjugated by hackers. It stresses the significance of always updating your CMS to the latest version, or else hackers can effortlessly hack your website. Web Security Scan provides security scans and wide-ranging penetration tests to thoroughly check your CMS, including all plugins and other custom modules for vulnerabilities and safety measures risks. In This way, you get to know how sound your website is confined.

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