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How to increase the amount of time users spend on your site

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1. clean up Your style

Provide a clutter-free user expertise

An average net user spends but some seconds on a web site before they arrange to keep or leave. this can be a really short time window, during which you would like to convert them to remain. the most effective thanks to try this is by cleanup up your site’s style.

Simply verify higher than the fold space of your web site in mobile and desktop read. Your most vital content ought to go up. Your users ought to instantly see the helpful a part of a page once they land on your web site.

Keeping your site’s style straightforward and muddle free makes it easier for users to appear at it. If there area unit fewer things to appear at, then users area unit a lot of doubtless to focus and keep longer.

2. Improve Readability of Your Pages

Improve readability of your pages We all have seen websites that area unit troublesome to browse. build all pages on your web site straightforward to browse on all devices.

Make your font size massive enough for straightforward reading, however sufficiently little to avoid unnecessary scrolling.

Break massive paragraphs into straightforward to prepared chunks. Break your articles into multiple sections, heading, paragraphs, bulleted lists, and much of white house.

3. Add High-Quality pictures

Add high-quality photos and pictures in your pages

Images area unit the foremost partaking style of content on the net. As men, we have a tendency to like to verify pictures over reading the text. this can be why you see most well-liked websites use fullscreen background pictures on their landing pages.

The best place to search out higher quality pictures is Shutterstock. they need thousands of pictures, vectors, and illustrations that you just will use on your web site.

You can conjointly notice high-quality royalty free pictures on several websites.

4. Optimize and Beautify Your pictures

Use tools like Canva to optimize your pictures

Optimize your pictures before adding them to your web site. Most high-quality pictures are hi-resolution pictures. they're larger in pixels, pel density, and file size. exploitation them because it is can have an effect on your website’s page speed.

Take a glance at this orientate the way to save pictures optimized for the net.

5. Add Videos for a a lot of Interactive expertise

Add videos for a lot of partaking user expertise

Users from everywhere the globe watch many variant hours of videos on YouTube each day. This single truth is enough to prove what proportion users love videos.

Videos area unit one among the foremost effective, interactive, and fascinating varieties of content. Adding videos to your pages will boost user engagement and can increase the time users pay on your web site.

6. build Internal Linking a Habit

Make sure that every article or page on your web site has lots of internal links. individuals won't visit those pages unless you link to them. build it a habit, and you may see your bounce rate decrease.

Internal linking is additionally smart for your site’s SEO, and you don’t got to purchase any external plugin or tool to try and do that. simply make certain that you just area unit linking to relevant articles and pages to your own web site in context.

7. supply Content Upgrades

Offer bonus content upgrade

Offering users content upgrades may be a common technique employed by prime bloggers and on-line marketers. Basically, you supply users an opportunity to urge bonus content by acting associate action.

This action may be something. you'll raise users to signup for your list, register for a free account, or fill out a survey.

Content upgrades will effectively boost user engagement, bring back recent users, and increase your conversion rates at an equivalent time.

8. Add Comment Worthy Content

Engage users in comments

Since the first days of blogging, comments became reasonably a typical to evaluate user engagement. Comments are the simplest to implement engagement tool on any web site. Most web site builders go together with intrinsic comments.

The real question is however does one get individuals to inquire into your website? a good technique is to raise users queries in your content. merely add your personal opinion and raise users what they assume.

Here area unit eleven ways that to urge a lot of comments on your journal posts.

9. Add Success Stories

Add success stories

People love stories, and that they love success stories even a lot of. Success stories, whether or not they area unit yours or somebody UN agency conjures up you, have a way higher probability of going infective agent.

The reason is straightforward, we have a tendency to all wish to see however others have succeeded in their goals. we discover these stories ennobling, psychological feature, and that we feel compelled to share these.

Take a glance at OptinMonster case studies for a few samples of success stories from our users.

10. Show credibleness

Show credibleness

Users wish to grasp why they ought to trust your web site. Adding photos of real individuals on your websites build it seem a great deal a lot of trustworthy. Add bios and testimonials on your pages.

Linking to your social profiles can even assist you establish credibleness and build influence. See these nine ways that to leverage social proof and grow your business.

Add trust marks like secure web site signs, BBB ratings, awards and certifications to your web site. It provides your users confidence to share their info or do business on your web site.

11. Target Abandoning Users

Target abandoning guests with Exit Intent

No matter what you are doing, users area unit eventually planning to leave your web site. however that ought to not be the top of it. you'll still offer the users one last probability to convert into subscribers or customers.

Simply use to focus on the users specifically once they area unit on the brink of leave your web site. you'll use it to supply a special discount, raise them to subscribe or take a glance at some cool feature that they may have incomprehensible.

Properly targeting abandoning guests will increase returning guests and reduce your site’s bounce rate considerably.

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