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Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerabilities Are The Gateways Through Which Threats Are Conspicuous. It Is The Process Of Identifying Susceptibilities In The Computer Systems And The Communication Channels. It Is Performed As A Part to Preserve The Systems From Additional Threats. To Take Some Necessary Measures To Fix Them And Protect, The Vulnerabilities Are Identified Reported To The Authorities.

Vulnerability Analysis Consists Of Several Steps: Defining And Classifying Network, Assigning Relative Levels Of Resources’ Importance, Identifying Potential Threats, Developing A Strategy For Serious Problems, Defining And Implementing Ways To Minimize The Consequences. A Vulnerability Disclosure Could Be Required If Safety Holes Are Established. Anyone That Discovers The Vulnerability May Make The Disclosure.

If the Vulnerability Is Not Classified As A High Level Intimidation, The Dealer May Be Given A Certain Amount Of Time For The Fixation Of Problem Before Vulnerability Is Disclosed In public. The Final Stage Of Vulnerability Analysis Is Performed By White Hat Techniques. This Process Provides Guidelines For The Development & To Prevent A Authentic Attack.

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